COVID-19 Infant Feeding Update – March 2020

Infant feeding leads and peer support co ordinators from across the Lancashire and South Cumbria area have brought this information together in March 2020 to support good decision making during the COVID-19 crisis. We have provided information for formula feeding and breastfeeding support on separate pages, but of course it may be that as a family you need to access … Read More

CPHVA conference this coming week – WHY the industry funding and bias, still?

Here is the line up for the 2016 CPHVA conference, taking place on 15th and 16th November in Telford. Here are some pictures of the layout in their magazine ‘Community Practitioner’, received by a LIFIB member recently. Just have a look at the ‘supported by’ organisations for a large proportion of the talks: Colief for the colic talk, Bio-Oil for …

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Stop Press! Milk Matters is available as 2 inexpensive e-books!

       You may have read our earlier piece about the life-work of Maureen Minchin ‘Milk Matters’ published in 2015 and which she toured the UK to speak about earlier in 2016. “This book is a revelation”, said one  reader.  The revelations are solidly based on decades of research and working with families of allergic children. In fact, there are … Read More

The Lancet Breastfeeding Series

Breastfeeding in the news: 29th January 2016 saw the launch of the long awaited Lancet Breastfeeding Series of papers, with some international interest being sparked. Some of the funding for the work behind this suite of documents came from the Gates Foundation headed by Bill and Melinda Gates, which improved the profile of this work considerably. From the Lancet website: … Read More